Tactical Ranch® is a 350 acre firearms and tactics training facility located in El Paso, TX, just minutes from El Paso International Airport (15 minutes from Fort Bliss, TX). Tactical Ranch® features climate controlled, full media capable classrooms, conference room, multiple offices, secure storage, restrooms, outdoor patio with fire pit and multiple firearms ranges.


Tactical Ranch® ranges are designed to facilitate all shooter levels with a shot capability out to 1000 yards. Our multi-purpose firearms ranges are equipped with overhead shelters, weapon racks and various shooter training facades / training apuratusas. 


The SW deserts mild climate is perfect for year-round trainig.    




Tactical Ranch® employs the Action Target System (with running man) and Elite remote turning target system, paper and ballistic steel targets and various training support devices on many of our ranges. In addition to our primary ranges, Tactical Ranch’s Desert Patrol Lane and 2.5 mile counter-ambush training areas facilitates small unit (mounted / dismounted) Man-Marking and and Live-Fire training.

Range 1:  50 Meter

                  12 station Action Tunrers / Runner

                   24 firing points (paper, steel, facades)


Range 2:  50 Meter

                  15 firing points (paper, steel, facades)

                  Vehicle assault targets


Range 3:  75 Meter

                  Vehicle targets, multiple range set-ups


Range 4:  800 Meter

                  Field-shoot, high angle, vehicle, mounted and dismounted lanes


Range 5:  Wadi Lane

                  Dismounted small unit patrol lane


Range 6:  Counter Ambush lane (mounted) 2.5 miles

                  Live-fire areas, Aerial platform fires


Range 7:  Shoot House (2000 sq ft. / Multiple rooms / Hallways / Adjacent                     to counter-ambush track for scenario based training evolutions).                     Simunitions@ / Man-Marking Munitions


Training Support 


Tactical Ranch® maintains a second training and mission support venue (Mile High Resources Center / MHRC) just 80 mile East of El Paso, TX. This 280K acre, high desert location is perfect for discrete unit training and full mission profile exercises.  

- USAF Surveyed (C-17 rated) paved airstrip

- 10K sq ft hanger with aircraft fuel and maintenance capability

- USAF Surveyed Military Drop Zones (Static line / Mil Free-fall)

- Close Air Support (Live-Fire) on-site Turn-Key training for units

- 150+ miles desert trails / movements

- 360º fires (2000+ meters)




Weapon rentals (specific caliber, types, etc.)

Man-marking munitions and weapon conversions (Simunitions® and UTM)

Foreign Weapons Package 

Operations support for SOF full mission profiles (FMP)

AH-6 Littlebird support for training (On-site and Mobile Training Team)

Tactical Ranch® 


Training of foreign national's in accordance with US Department of State (ITAR) compliancy. 

Firearms & Tactical Training  /  Military  /  Law Enforcement  / Corporate  /  Private Citizen  

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